Which colors are favorable for a wedding dress?

The wedding dress is not necessarily pure white, and the bride is required to wear even a head-dress with white fur. It began in the Queen Victoria era. White then represented happiness, and later it strengthened the meaning of holiness and loyalty, so that the remarried lady could not Wearing a white wedding dress, but also formed a pure white wedding stand out of its lofty position.
Prior to this, Greece also used “white” as the most commonly used color in bridal gowns, but it was not strict enough to be completely white; in ancient Roman times, the bride would wear yellow face yarn; Chinese tradition used red dress as a symbol of good luck; At the beginning of the 20th century, the silver wedding dress was the noble status of the imperial family. It is obvious that the wedding dress is appropriate for its “color”. There is no special requirement to wear a white wedding dress.
As the trend of the world continues to change, apart from the traditional colors of pure white, ivory, and beige, wedding dresses are increasingly popular in recent years. Pink wedding dresses such as pink, pink orange, pink blue, pink purple, light green and light silver grey are very popular. Soft and pleasing; if you dare to try, dark green, red, dark purple, decorated with a pink wedding dress, the formation of a strong color dress, the effect is very special; as for the most popular, of course, ivory or white wedding dress, decorated with pink Silk flowers, butterflies, to add color.
In fact, what color wedding is not important, the most prerequisite is to match the color of the bride’s skin. Orientals have a dark complexion and are yellowish. Wearing a snow-white wedding dress will appear dull. Wearing ivory will be more harmonious and natural. Powder blue, pink purple and yellow skin will not be able to coordinate, but pink orange and pink green will match yellowish skin. As for the skin’s rosy, or bronze skin, wearing a pure white will look good, especially the latter, with the groom’s tuxedo, embodying a unique brilliance.
Snow white is pure, bright red and auspicious, green and crystal clear, pink and tender, and blue and blue. If you think that the bride’s whole body with headwear should be white, it would be too outdated. With the arrival of the bright summer, wedding dresses began to get rid of the traditional colors of pure white, ivory, and beige, and a “colorful” whirlwind began to appear in the wedding dress in this summer. The soft pink wedding dresses began to be popular, such as pink and pink orange. Powder blue, pink purple, light green and light silver gray. The pink wedding dresses adorned with dark greens, red dates, and deep purples are more colorful and colorful.
This summer, people who are tired of subtlety and reserved fashion can do their best to let their wedding dresses display their “color” and glow with youth and vigor that have been suppressed by the bustling city and stressful life.
White series – still classic

White is an extremely light natural, environmentally friendly and peaceful, and is the preferred color for the bride who advocates natural, soft and quiet. However, the white wedding dress is not monotonous, it can be divided into pure white and milky white, which is pure white ivory, divided into light ivory, deep ivory, and milky white is champagne, and light champagne Deep champagne. Select this theme wedding dress, can be decorated with pink silk flowers, butterflies, to add color.
Green Series – Relieving Mind

Green is a very light, ice-like crystal clear color, if the hidden or the green and ice-like feeling, will make the bride out of the water Fu pink series – fresh and lovely

Pink is always loved by young girls. The lovely, western, and lively bride will not miss this one.
Rong Shui Ling.
The yellow series – bright yellow youth is suitable for you with white skin, it can show your youth and confidence.
Bright blue series – comfortable and close

Ning Xin, elegant light blue, contrasting the bride’s reserved and noble, is the best wedding color for the bride with romantic personality and rich inner world.

Red series – joyful
Chinese wedding dresses are often bright red, if the bride is avant-garde enough to boldly combine Chinese blushes with western wedding dresses.

Designer: colorful wedding dress points

The color of the wedding dress is important, but whether it matches the bride’s skin color is the most important. For example, Asians have dark and yellow complexion. Wearing a white wedding dress will appear dull. Wearing ivory will be more harmonious and natural. Powder blue, pink purple and yellow skin will not be able to coordinate, but pink orange and pink green will match yellowish skin. Therefore, the selection of colors is of the utmost importance. The following are suggestions for the color matching given by the studio image designers to the three types of colors of the Oriental bride.
The fair-skinned person—the bride with this kind of skin color has no problem with the color matching, among which the wedding dress of the pink color system will set off the skin more soft and white, and give a sweet and lovely feeling for the extra points.
Darker skin – these brides can choose bright color wedding dress, creating a healthy and sexy atmosphere, but can highlight a conflict and eye-catching beauty. However, the premise of this combination is to have a healthy and dark skin with a glossy, healthy skin. The effect of such a gloss is to perfectly set off the attractiveness of your own.
Dark dull skin – yellowish skin can make people feel bad, so try not to try such as purple, blue and other colors, this will make the bride’s skin was not white enough, even darker sallow; and cinnamon, Lotus roots, copper and gold such shades unless the skin is white, otherwise it will be with the original yellowish skin of the Asian people have the illusion of integration, can not show the focus; and snow-white wedding will easily appear dull skin. It is advisable to choose a medium color system or a slightly warmer color to make yourself look good.

How we can buy wedding dresses online?

No 1. Selected Shop Fabrics

The main reason to buy wedding dresses online is to look at the wedding dresses, but online shops are relatively vague when introducing wedding dresses. For those who don’t understand wedding dresses, it’s easy to flicker. Therefore, when buying wedding dresses online, you need to use wedding dress fabrics. The knowledge in the area is supplemented.

No 2. Pay attention to detailed horizontal and horizontal contrast

Because we can only see wedding pictures when we buy online wedding dresses, we can see how the quality of wedding dresses is. Therefore, we need to carefully observe the details of the pictures. Look at how the products work in the pictures and whether the stitching is neat. You can open multiple online stores for comparison.

No 3. Concise style

In the purchase of wedding dresses according to their own conditions to choose, choose a lot of online wedding is a cottage version, the pursuit of fashion and elegant wedding or the most not to buy online, do not choose too complex wedding dress, because the style in the past Complex, the wedding dress will be slightly rough, the quality of the wedding on the Internet can not be guaranteed, so choose those styles simple wedding dress.

No 4. Detailed size

Because you can not try to buy a wedding dress online, so when we choose the size of the wedding dress is very important, different wedding dress size is not the same, so we need to buy your own wedding dress online The size tells the seller.

What’s a good way to choose a nice wedding dress?

1, selected period
Before choosing a wedding dress, you must determine the wedding season, exact time, place, and style. The wedding dress must be in harmony with the style of the wedding. If your wedding is a very fashionable wedding, you can choose to go in the wedding dress in front of the trend; if it is a traditional ceremony, you must be right to choose a classical and grand wedding dress; if you hold a wedding in the country or garden, the wedding dress should be suitable The lively style of the outdoors.
2, do enough homework
Collect some of your favorite wedding pictures in advance, and make good marks. Mark your favorite styles and shapes, especially the details of the neckline and waistline. When you communicate with a wedding consultant or designer, remember to bring your picture so that you can express your thoughts and opinions more clearly.
3, make a budget
The cost of wedding dresses and other accessories usually accounts for 6-15% of wedding expenses. If the budget is more comfortable, you can customize a wedding dress that suits you best. Of course, renting a set to a bridal salon or photo studio is also a good way to save a lot of money.
4, select a location
Bridal shops and studios are connected to one another. Where do you go to find your dreams? In general, the style of wedding dresses in large-scale professional bridal salons is complete. Designers have rich experience and reliable product quality. You can also listen to the opinions of friends and colleagues who hosted the wedding not too long ago, and select 2-3 of their recommended locations.

5, ensure the time
If you need to customize the wedding, it is best to start the selection one year in advance, the minimum is not less than 9 months, this time will be more abundant. Because it takes about four months to design and produce a wedding dress, it is best to be delivered to your hands two months before the wedding. This facilitates minor changes.
6, find a staff
When choosing a wedding dress, be sure to bring a staff member. It can be your mother or a friend. She should know you well and know what is best for you. You should pay attention to the following two points: First, make sure that she does not impose your opinion on you; second, you cannot allow your mother and friends to accompany you to the streets, because all people will let you try her on. Think that the most beautiful and most suitable for your wedding dress, you will feel at a loss. One day, not only is it exhausted, but it may be nothing.
7, understand yourself
The most important thing is to choose the style that suits you based on your body shape. When you go to the bridal salon for the first time, you can find one of the four basic styles: princess, skirt, body, and queen. You can quickly find out which style best suits you… As for the characteristics of the above four styles and the appropriate shape, see the next page.
8, the size should be suitable
If your wedding dress is not custom-made when choosing a wedding dress, first of all, pay attention to the size of the part that meets your body’s fullest, such as chest, waist or buttocks, and then see if other parts are suitable. Also, note that choosing a wedding dress is slightly better. If it’s big, it’s easy to make it smaller, but it’s not possible to make a piece of clothing bigger.
9. Expert opinion
To choose the one that suits you best, you must be good at listening to the opinions of the wedding consultants and designers because they have a lot of experience and have made many brides the most dazzling star in the wedding. Maybe you fancy the latest style of wedding dress, and she suggests that you choose the type of sling skirt, perhaps you are surprised at her views, but after careful consideration, you will find that her wedding proposal is the most suitable for you.
10, try on the wedding dress
You may have chosen a wedding dress that suits you, but you have overlooked the trial link. In fact, it is very important to seriously try on the wedding dress. This will not only ensure that you are brilliant at the wedding, but also make you look elegant and comfortable. Pay attention to the following points: Wear all the accessories such as headdresses, necklaces, and shoes to see if it is in harmony with your wedding dress. Can wedding dresses keep you in control and stay in good shape? Try to sit down, raise your arms, and bend over. , hug and spin, and see if this poses an embarrassing situation for you. Does it feel too hot or too cold to wear it? How about the weight of the skirt? A long-standing time will not make you feel tired. Are all parts of the skirt smooth and will not scratch the skin?

Will you rent the wedding dresses or buy?

Rental wedding dress


Is the way most brides currently choose the most

It is also the most practical and convenient one.

Wedding dresses may have more than one wedding dress

Yarn, Welcome Yarn, Ceremony Yarn, Toast Serving, etc.

When you buy it, you don’t use it when you’re done.

Leasing can meet this demand


It is possible to rent a wedding dress for several brides

Experienced weddings for people of all kinds

Some brides do not want to wear wedding dresses that others pass through.

And the dimensions don’t fit perfectly

For a particularly thin or special bride

You may need to try on lots of money to find a fit wedding dress

But the style is not necessarily your own favorite


Custom wedding dress


Many people hear the custom response is expensive

But you don’t overlook the effect that customization can bring more than just one.



  • Tailored to your body

Customization must be a custom build for a customer

And it’s not customary to change a little

Everyone is a unique individual

So the characteristics of each bride’s figure are completely different from the dimensions.

Customization will ensure that your wedding dress is designed based entirely on the basis of your stature.

  • Make your favorite details into the wedding dress

Customization is completely customized by the customer’s subjective

It’s not simple to try on a sample

Then do a piece of your size and call it custom

You can choose the part or details of this sample to change for your preference

  • This is a wedding dress that completely belongs to you. No second person will wear it.

Can not say that after the wedding is useless, if in the future with her husband to travel abroad want to bring a wedding photo shoot a commemorative photo, if you want to spend more time and time to rent a wedding to go, then might as well bring your own custom wedding dress, Meaningful and convenient.

Some brides said that they were married, but the original wedding dress was rented, and now they want to customize a dress that belongs to her only. You can take a couple of photos with your husband when you travel abroad.

Or I would like to take a photo in a wedding dress on each wedding anniversary. This is also very memorable.

  • Customize a unique color yarn

In recent years, more and more stars have chosen color yarn as a wedding dress.

Colorful yarns are beginning to take off

More and more brides want to wear a special color yarn at the wedding

In a typical wedding rental store, white yarn is the main source, and it is difficult to rent a colorful yarn.

Choose custom to meet the wishes of some brides wearing colored yarn

In terms of value, leasing is not much different from customization.

Rent two pieces of money can completely customize a wedding dress belonging to you



When weddings are used up, they need to be collected separately.

Care is troublesome

Custom cycle is generally longer, 1-3 months is at least

Slightly expensive on the price is also a feature of custom wedding dress

Why do brides place such a high priority on having a great wedding dress?

Girls were such free and lively girls before they were married. After this, it will become the main theme of another person’s life. There is no freedom in the past, and more is paid for this home.

Modern weddings are indispensable for a gorgeous wedding dress. Many brides-to-be are also very meticulous about the selection of wedding dresses.

The significance of a wedding dress is not only a beautiful dress,

Since it appeared more than 2,000 years ago,

It has been given too much holiness and blessings.

The legend of the wedding dress is also beautiful and sighing.

White yarn made the most beautiful moment for every girl.

It seems to have a powerful magic

Shocks the softest corner of everyone’s heart.

So in the fantasy of the wedding,

Every girl expects a unique marriage.

The constant white yarn carries not only your beautiful dreams, but also the vision of the future and the deep knowledge of the past.

At the same time, the woman wears a white gauze in her life. The most beautiful girl is none other than the bride.

Girl, please be beautiful. Good life is wonderful because of you.

10 Standards for Quality wedding dress Suppliers

First of all, we must know the 10 standards of high-quality suppliers, and then according to the standard to measure whether their newly added suppliers meet the standards, the suppliers just found no good or bad distinction. It is unrealistic to judge whether it is good or bad when you first come into contact with one person:

  1. Value + cost savings — The main motivation for buying a new technology or outsourcing service is to reduce costs. Therefore, whether or not the cost can be reduced is the most important, but the most important thing is the financial data of those indicators based on sales, such as sales growth or output, which reflects the ultimate value.
  2. Reliability — Today’s customers are increasingly demanding service standards. Therefore, in a sense, new technology or service providers must provide absolute high-value, which is no bargaining in the eyes of buyers. Room.
  3. Excellent quality — this is the minimum for a good supplier. In fact,Excellent suppliers often can actively exceed the customer’s requirements for it, in other words, the pursuit of excellence is a new feature of modern high-quality suppliers.
  4. Expertise and knowledge — Manufacturers and retailers increasingly demand that their IT or logistics providers provide services that are more industry or market specific. Suppliers with expertise in these professional capabilities will be very popular with customers and even be regarded as consultants.
  5. Problem-solving capabilities — Unpredictable problems and risks are objectively present in any supply chain. Therefore, whether suppliers are willing and able to resolve emergencies becomes an important measure. The ability to quickly resolve emergencies and flexibility is a bonus to the supplier.
  6. Continuous Improvement — Many companies want to be able to see the supplier’s product development plan to confirm that the supplier can continue to meet their development needs, which is especially important for wedding dress suppliers.
  7. Support — The scale of many companies is shrinking as they work more closely with suppliers, which means they rely more on suppliers for implementation, training, technical maintenance or related services. Providing full support has become as important as the technology or service itself.
  8. Culture — There is no doubt that customers are more willing to cooperate with suppliers with a healthy corporate culture and proactive attitude. Those suppliers who take customer interests as their priority and strive to achieve their goals and strive for excellence are particularly favored.
  9. Global – Since the supply chain already has global attributes, almost all companies are looking for technologies and services that allow them to engage and trade with trading partners around the world. Modern quality suppliers must keep up with this trend.
  10. Perfect Service — Perfect service is indispensable to good suppliers. Especially for third-party logistics (3PLs) and other logistics areas, suppliers who can provide high-quality full-service are very competitive. trend.

The above 10 standards are the most basic and important considerations for the selection of high-quality suppliers. The following five items are common characteristics of quality suppliers and are also worthy of procurement attention.

  1. Meet the requirements of laws and regulations — More and more industries are regulated by government laws and regulations, and these are increasingly complicated. Small mistakes can lead to large fines and even legal proceedings. As a result, there will be more demand for technologies or services that can handle issues such as security issues, trade regulations, labor disputes, and legal matters.
  2. Transparency — Nowadays, companies are not satisfied with the timely understanding of transportation, inventory, and order processing. They need to constantly obtain information from upstream suppliers and downstream customers in the supply chain.
  3. Integration Capabilities — For supply chain technology, it is important to be able to quickly and smoothly integrate with other systems. For example, third-party logistics, the requirement to integrate the supplier’s service to make it compatible with the partner’s system is constantly growing.
  4. Procedural — A high-quality supplier can help customer companies integrate best practices and efficient operational procedures into the company’s business modules.
  5. Growth — Quality suppliers themselves are a growing company that can follow the pace of development of their client companies and markets. Strong multinational companies are willing to form alliances with such suppliers.