There is a kind of beauty called “lace dress”—no woman doesn’t love it.

Lace, a unique fabric, soft, hazy, tender
It represents the delicacy and elegance of women
Like a shadow, like a dream
In the aesthetic interpretation of romanticism

In the world of Europe, lace is a royal pet, it is a status symbol, widely spread in the aristocracy.

In recent years, lace elements have been deeply loved by designers and are widely used in design, no matter it is wedding dress or fashion garment.

Soft and light texture, once became the exclusive fairy.

Natural full of vitality, the interweaving of thin lines, or close or thin, faint between the publicity of the romantic and aesthetic sense of light luxury.

Low saturation is tonal, apply colours to a drawing gives quietly elegant romantic aesthetic feeling.

Blend in delicate bead, draw the outline gives exquisite and colorful simple sense.

Is it true that lace has endless topics to talk about?Then follow us to see, what kinds of lace there are?

It’s formed by high lighting details in the pattern using a cord, which gives these laces a slightly textured look. The cording itself can be very fine and delicate, highlighting the motifs in the design of the lace or add a 3 dimensional effect with heavier cording, altering the handle of a lace.

2.Renice lace
Ancient Greek relievo like art, elegant and delicate, elegant. The elegant and quiet Sicilian style presents the delicacy and nobility peculiar to women.

3.Frence lace
Light and transparent French thin lace, create a dream-like atmosphere, such as the princess as luxury and nobility. Natural drape feels character, add a few glamour feminine flavour more.

4.Embroidery lace
Embroidery lace is a kind of weaving technique similar to embroidery. This kind of lace pattern is full and three-dimensional with distinct layers and originality.

5.Sheet lace
The sheet lace shows light, always can show figure curve. Will be fairy and mysterious quietly combined, perfect hit girl heart. Combined with splicing technology, the lace becomes flexible.

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Wedding dress sleeve shapes

Everyone wants to pick the most suitable wedding dress, which in addition to see the overall effect, can not ignore the details, and how to choose the sleeve, is a very important part.

Source of the picture : Zuhair Murad

Although the sleeve is only a part of the wedding dress, but the overall style is retro or fashion, is fresh or sexy, all related to it.It works wonders when combined with a neckline or back design.

Source of the picture : Rosa Clara

Check out these wedding dress sleeve shapes.
1.cap sleeve
A very short sleeve that hangs from the shoulder but has no fabric under the arm. It gives dresses a sweet and elegant.

Royal celebrities love cap sleeve, such as Kate Middleton’s sister pippa, who wore them when she married.

Source of the picture:Network

2.Short sleeve
Short sleeve wedding dress style more casual, combined with simple and generous design effect is better.

The most famous celebrity to get married in a short-sleeved wedding dress was trump’s daughter ivanka, who wore a lace section of her sleeve to make her look more feminine.

Source of the picture:Network

3.Flutter Sleeve
The sleeves have a ruffled affect or the fabric falls in folds over the upper arm. More feminine

In fact, butterfly sleeves are a retro style with 1920s colors and stunning backless designs such as Molly Sims’s wedding photos.

Source of the picture:Network

4.Medium sleeve
Simple and retro. Medium sleeve with a shoulder and square collar design is better.

Geri Halliwell, a member of the spice girls, opted for medium sleeves for her wedding, which was elegant.

Source of the picture:Network

5.Long sleeve
Long sleeve wedding dress is the most elegant style, a sense of ceremony, suitable for all.

There are plenty of celebrities who opt for long-sleeved gowns, from grace kelly to Kate Middleton to Miranda Kerr to nicky Hilton.

Source of the picture:Network

6.Bell Sleeves
A full sleeve that opens at the cuff providing a bit of drama to the arm. The flared sleeve creates a fullness that is both flattering and wow-worthy.

Such as celine dion and ciara wedding photos, these two Look is also very classic.

Source of the picture:Network

7.Bishop Sleeve
Classic sleeve shape. Bishop sleeves are full at the top and tight at the cuff.

8.Personality sleeve
Creativity without boundaries, in addition to the above all kinds of sleeve, the sleeves of the wedding can play a lot of patterns.

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The whole world is planting grass these colors —It looks beautiful on you.

Is everyone talking about the latest fashion colors?
Yes, in this romantic month of May, We want to wear beautiful dresses and have a great date .
Let’s follow the colors of fashion.

1.Living Coral

Beatiful Living Coral
Warm and vibrant
In a natural context
Release infinite tenderness

Pastel colors、Simple Strapless、Elegant A-line、Tulle Sensation

Handmade flowers、Slim-line 、Light Tulle

V-neck、Beaded floral、Magic gradient

2.Jester Red

Retro tone atmosphere
Urban modernism
Strong visual expression
Make public individual character

Off Shoulder、delicate beaded、belt buckle、Simple A – line

Sweet heart、Diagonal pleat、Tulle Sensation

Short sleeves、V-neck、Matte Satin

3.Princess blue

Noble princess blue
Full of quiet and profound beauty
Unique royal temperament
Collision gives diversity fashionable feeling

Beautiful ruching、Black velvet belt、Layered tulle

Round neck 、Classic lace dress 、Mermaid

4.Aspen golden

Bright aspen gold
Hot yellow evolution
Fresh and bright, full of energy
Utopian optimism

Light color、Spaghetti Strap、V-neck 、Shining beadings

Vintage 、Perspective、Ball Gown

5.Sweet corn

Classic creaminess
The color is gentle and elegant
Subtle natural tones
Conveys freshness and sweetness

Halter、ruffles sleeves、light tulle

Diagonal pleat、layers of tulles、simple design


Quiet Roland violet
Filled with a natural dreamlike mood
Elegant aesthetic, ingenuity

V-neck、black belt、Princess tiered hemlines

Strapless、Flower beads、Tulle Sensation

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Wedding Dress Trends for 2020

We scouted the Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week runways to find the trends you need to know about. See what’s hot now. If you’ve set a wedding date in 2020, this page will give inspiration to all of the brides to be.

Simple and elegant. Not only does this capes provide two looks in one , but it give certain wedding dresses a vintage feel.



2.3D flowers
3D flowers are lifelike—Whether they’re oversize and all over, delicate and cascading, or bursting with bold color. I believe that every girl will like it.



Feather is light beautiful and elegant.Feathers can be used on necklines, sleeves, hemlines.It’s very attractive.



Bold and modern, jumpsuits for weddings will set your style apart and make you the center of attention on your big day.



In fact, there are many popular elements, and if you want to learn more,You can contact us, we will explain to you one by one.

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Fruit sister dressed herself up like a hamburger? —2019″ fashion world Oscar “Met Gala

“We are living through an era of extreme exaggeration. Whether from a political, cultural or historical perspective, camp is an evocative subject.”

The 2019 fashion oscars — the Met Gala at New York’s metropolitan museum of art — went ahead. Themed “Camp: Notes on Fashion”, this year’s event is not only about the Fashion industry, but also a red carpet show full of stars.

Celebrities wear dramatic and exaggerated fashion to express their opinions on the theme “camp” aesthetics.

Let’s take a look at the understanding of Camp by Jusere.
1.Fashion Women Soldiers Show

2.City of Dream

3.Naturalism— Red lotus and green lotus leaves

4.The Queen is coming.

5.Modern Chinese elements

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Classic wedding dress style introduction No.3 – Mermaid wedding dress

Since ancient times, there have been many stories about mermaids all over the world. In people’s impression, mermaids are the embodiment of beauty, kindness, and sexuality. In recent years, there are many movies and TV works about mermaids, both men and women, mermaids are their dreams.
Fishtail dress is the great design that designers combine Mermaid Princess and wedding dress perfectly. Wearing a Mermaid wedding dress, they slowly go to their loved ones. Only hope that time will be fixed at this moment forever!
However, geese, many brides-to-be dare not choose Mermaid wedding dress in China, mainly because they are not confident about their own figure, and feel it is inconvenient to walk in Mermaid wedding dress. Today, We want to prove that fishtail wedding dress is not as bad as imagined.
The top-down design of Mermaid skirt can highlight the graceful posture of women very well. The skirt of fishtail usually starts from 10 centimeters below the hip circumference line to the knee. The upper half of the body fitted to the waist-hip curve can be visually lengthened and very tall.
So fish-tail skirts don’t require much height, because even if you’re not tall enough, there are magical long-legged high heels to save you.
Of course, if your waist has fat hoarding swimming ring, or abdomen prominent, it is still honest to choose a high waistline dress to put on the wedding dress, because the Mermaid wedding dress will magnify the waist and abdomen shortcomings.
Fishtail wedding dress is divided into a big tail, medium tail, and small tail according to the length of the tail. Skirt pendulum begins with ground length, small tail within 40 cm, medium tail within 40-80 cm, and large tail above 80 cm.
If you are worried about the inconvenience of walking in a fishtail wedding dress, you can choose a fishtail dress that is designed near the hip line or has no obvious dividing line.
Lace and three-dimensional flower decoration, romantic and aesthetic.
Simple skirt hem, focus on the chest and sleeves. The strong retro wind is like the elegant Princess coming out of the castle.
Lace and fantastic gauze interlace, charming, graceful.
Back dew design, Mermaid with perspective white yarn plus palace wind lace, sexy and luxurious, beautiful and touching.
Champagne Mermaid wedding dress, combined with three-dimensional flower decoration, fresh and aesthetic.
Simple style, the combination of satin and lace, the bride wearing it is as noble and elegant as the noble princess.
The folded white yarn on shoulder and hem is magnificent and powerful. This Mermaid is in a lower position so it will be a little inconvenient to walk, but for beauty, everything can be tolerated.
Simple style, pure white yarn, no complex decoration, still beautiful and soul-stirring.
Fishtail wedding dress is also necessary for taking wedding photos. (Listen to experienced photographers, Fishtail wedding dress P map space is quite large, fat fish can also P into the same mermaid as Jun Zhixian) Hey hey.
Dressed in a fishtail wedding dress to marry a loved one, think about it all feel happy. So the brides-to-be who are going to get married must be confident of their own figure and wear the fishtail wedding dress bravely.

Classic wedding dress style introduction No.2 – Ball Gown wedding dress

What shape does mermaid wedding dress fit? The bride-to-be should choose the appropriate wedding dress before they get married. So the bride-to-be who likes mermaid wedding dress, let’s see how to choose the wedding dress according to their stature. Here’s a look.

1. What shape does mermaid wedding dress fit?

Many brides-to-be are very demanding about their stature. At the same time, they are also willing to show their perfect appearance. They always think that sexy is not desirable. mermaid wedding dresses are prepared for women with devil stature, but they are not. The mermaid wedding dress does not require a high stature, as long as your lower abdomen does not have a “life
buoy”, it is OK.mermaid wedding dress has a very good shape effect, fitted mermaid wedding dress, wearing will make people show very “thin”, while the style will also make people attractive, very noble, very solemn, you may wish to try, you may not imagine the effect of your own oh.

2. How to Choose Wedding Dresses Based on Body Shape?

(1) Skeletal figure: Like a ballet dancer, thin and tall!

1. Choose the wedding dress with high waist and lotus leaf edge, so that it can not only cover your not full buttocks but also expose the high waistline. If you are taller than the groom in a high heel, be careful in choosing the second one.

2. The wedding dress with split height in the lower half is also suitable for bony girls. Show your thighs! Many brides may feel shy about the second wedding dress. Material gentleman suggests that you add a simple hollow short suspender outside the wedding dress.

3. A-shaped high-waist wedding dress must try, the upper body of the three-dimensional flowers can quietly hide your small chest, while the lower half of the semi-transparent gauze skirt,
let your thighs appear.

4. The high-collar wedding dress is also suitable for tall and thin brides, which will make you more elegant.

(2) Fat figure: not thin but healthy, but more or less there is always some small meat.

1. Three-dimensional flowers + Chiffon translucent long sleeves is also a good way to skillfully cover the arm.

2. High waist A-shaped wedding dress, can let slightly fat girls show more perfect curve beauty oh~

3. Asymmetric shoulder design, loose tail, can show the curve of buttocks without exposing legs.

(3) Full figure: Full chest, small belly, rounded buttocks for a full girl, in fact, there is a great advantage, that is, your chest. A full chest will make your waist look slimmer.

1. A-shaped wedding dress is your best choice, it can let you show sexy while hiding your waist and hip line.

2. Keep in mind that wearing a tight dress will make you look fatter and avoid straps.

3. No tail or small tail is most suitable for plump girls.

(4) Small body: thin and small

1. The small bride, basic all styles are suitable for you. When choosing a wedding dress, we should pay attention to the length of the dress and increase it visually.

2. High waist A-shaped wedding dress, you can show the advantages of thin. As long as you wear high heels, the skirt will not drag too much, it will be perfect!

3. Of course, you can control the mermaid wedding dress with curved breast-wiping. The radian design of the chest line, coupled with the high waist design, can better lengthen your body,
make up for the shortcoming of lack of height. The design of mermaid can make the bride thin. It feels like a mermaid to put on the bride.

4. The irregular small tail wedding dress with high front and low back can make your height slimmer.
Above is the introduction of the bride’s wedding dress selection. Brides-to-be come and choose the most satisfactory wedding dress according to their stature.

Classic wedding dress style introduction No.1 – A – line wedding dress

Many girls want some classical, elegant and fashionable wedding dresses. Does Jusere have such wedding dresses? The answer must be yes. Today we will introduce two A-LINE wedding dresses which are popular with girls. For girls with high stature requirements, they change into goddesses in seconds.
Elegant and generous-A-LINE wedding dress
I would like to introduce to you a simple and versatile style, that is, an elegant and generous A-LINE wedding dress! The A-LINE wedding dress is spread from the waist down the hem of the wedding dress so the legs of the girls will look very slender after wearing this wedding dress! If girls are still looking for the secret of having a pair of thighs, it is highly recommended that you try on the A-LINE wedding dress.

Why would you recommend this wedding dress? Because for a girl of my height, when choosing the wedding dress, she is pursuing the feeling of tall and elegant, and the style of A-LINE wedding dress is very elegant. When I tried on the wedding dress, I gently circled. The elegant wedding dress looks full of romance, and after wearing A-LINE wedding dress, the proportion of legs becomes longer, which is the feeling of the girls pursuing wedding dress.

One of the wedding gowns I photographed was the A-LINE wedding dress, because I couldn’t abandon it when I put on an A-LINE wedding dress in the Leili wedding dress studio. After wearing the A-LINE wedding dress, it really looks like a fairy, and the design of the wedding dress itself is very thin. After wearing the A-LINE wedding dress, I feel that the figure lines become very soft because of the wedding dress. The final wedding photo also proves that the A-LINE wedding dress really suits me! A-LINE wedding dress is really very popular in foreign countries, because the wedding dress is simple to cut, and this wedding dress can show the proportion of legs, girls are not quick to choose an A-LINE wedding dress for themselves.

Love Lake, Chieftain’s presence, Sweet Dubai Chinese Group Wedding

On March 14, White Valentine’s Day, Dubai also staged a unique group wedding. Ninth, a grand wedding ceremony was held for Chinese couples on the Bank of Love Lake in Dubai. Even the Dubai Chief himself came to the scene to bless the couples. The event was organized by Hala China.

Nine couples completed an important ceremony in Dubai in the heart of Lake Aixin, witnessed by hundreds of relatives, friends and Chinese friends. [P.S. Among them, two couples from Dubai Media Company attended the wedding.

In addition to the congratulations of the chief of Dubai, Prince Sheikh Majid Almura was also present to celebrate the occasion and gave each couple a personal autobiography signed by the chief as a wedding gift.

Prince Sheikh Majid Almura

Love Lake is a symbol of love and tolerance directed by the chief of Dubai. Two huge lakes form an interwoven love, which is evident in aerial photography. Even the trees in the middle of the lake are in the shape of love. Now it’s a brand new place to punch in Dubai and a dating destination for couples. The collective wedding ceremony of Chinese people in Aixinhu Lake can never be more appropriate.

Love Lakes

Love Lakes Central Heights, Wedding Site Preparations

Do you also want to hold a wedding in Love Lake?

The three most popular colors for Haute Couture in 2019

When it comes to wedding dress, you first think of is a white wedding dress, that’s right, wedding dress is always white, because this idea has been a matter of time, in fact, however, times are changing, the popular trend is also changing, current wedding dresses, have not been limited to the white, so which are the most popular colors for the bride dresses in the spring of 2019?let’s talk about it

1.Fusion corals
Fusion corals, it looks more like the flamingo’s color, this creamy hue is warmer and less harsh than the highly saturated orange. In our latest series, our designer combined this color with gradients which give us a golden tone and soft feeling, showing the warmth and vitality of nature. Also, we can see the brand shows in 2019 which are also all about coral, with GUCCI and Poiret showing off coral fairy dresses.
This color is especially suitable for wearing in spring and summer wedding which is for lightsome and vigorous collocation! so coral is definitely a good choice, recommended for an outdoor wedding or some traveling wedding.

2.Moss green
Moss green is a complex color, when combined with pink peacocks, carnival, Fiesta or princess will become an intriguing one. However, if you add some bling stuff on the dress like sequins, it will be as bright green. This color is also called Green fashion — from our designer’s environmental standpoint — is a way of life. Because when you see these colors, you may associate them with nature which will give you some fresh feelings.

3.Grey rosy pink
Pink is one of never outdated colors, and Grey rosy pink will be nobler than the common one, we take advantage of the soft of the tulle to make this color more comfortable and charming, showing your lovely, and elegant beauty. Also, it will have another effect with satin, weak champagne is revealed in ash pink color, having stronger visual appeal, and giving a sense of luxury.

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