Classic wedding dress style introduction No.2 – Ball Gown wedding dress

What shape does mermaid wedding dress fit? The bride-to-be should choose the appropriate wedding dress before they get married. So the bride-to-be who likes mermaid wedding dress, let’s see how to choose the wedding dress according to their stature. Here’s a look.

1. What shape does mermaid wedding dress fit?

Many brides-to-be are very demanding about their stature. At the same time, they are also willing to show their perfect appearance. They always think that sexy is not desirable. mermaid wedding dresses are prepared for women with devil stature, but they are not. The mermaid wedding dress does not require a high stature, as long as your lower abdomen does not have a “life
buoy”, it is OK.mermaid wedding dress has a very good shape effect, fitted mermaid wedding dress, wearing will make people show very “thin”, while the style will also make people attractive, very noble, very solemn, you may wish to try, you may not imagine the effect of your own oh.

2. How to Choose Wedding Dresses Based on Body Shape?

(1) Skeletal figure: Like a ballet dancer, thin and tall!

1. Choose the wedding dress with high waist and lotus leaf edge, so that it can not only cover your not full buttocks but also expose the high waistline. If you are taller than the groom in a high heel, be careful in choosing the second one.

2. The wedding dress with split height in the lower half is also suitable for bony girls. Show your thighs! Many brides may feel shy about the second wedding dress. Material gentleman suggests that you add a simple hollow short suspender outside the wedding dress.

3. A-shaped high-waist wedding dress must try, the upper body of the three-dimensional flowers can quietly hide your small chest, while the lower half of the semi-transparent gauze skirt,
let your thighs appear.

4. The high-collar wedding dress is also suitable for tall and thin brides, which will make you more elegant.

(2) Fat figure: not thin but healthy, but more or less there is always some small meat.

1. Three-dimensional flowers + Chiffon translucent long sleeves is also a good way to skillfully cover the arm.

2. High waist A-shaped wedding dress, can let slightly fat girls show more perfect curve beauty oh~

3. Asymmetric shoulder design, loose tail, can show the curve of buttocks without exposing legs.

(3) Full figure: Full chest, small belly, rounded buttocks for a full girl, in fact, there is a great advantage, that is, your chest. A full chest will make your waist look slimmer.

1. A-shaped wedding dress is your best choice, it can let you show sexy while hiding your waist and hip line.

2. Keep in mind that wearing a tight dress will make you look fatter and avoid straps.

3. No tail or small tail is most suitable for plump girls.

(4) Small body: thin and small

1. The small bride, basic all styles are suitable for you. When choosing a wedding dress, we should pay attention to the length of the dress and increase it visually.

2. High waist A-shaped wedding dress, you can show the advantages of thin. As long as you wear high heels, the skirt will not drag too much, it will be perfect!

3. Of course, you can control the mermaid wedding dress with curved breast-wiping. The radian design of the chest line, coupled with the high waist design, can better lengthen your body,
make up for the shortcoming of lack of height. The design of mermaid can make the bride thin. It feels like a mermaid to put on the bride.

4. The irregular small tail wedding dress with high front and low back can make your height slimmer.
Above is the introduction of the bride’s wedding dress selection. Brides-to-be come and choose the most satisfactory wedding dress according to their stature.