Love Lake, Chieftain’s presence, Sweet Dubai Chinese Group Wedding

On March 14, White Valentine’s Day, Dubai also staged a unique group wedding. Ninth, a grand wedding ceremony was held for Chinese couples on the Bank of Love Lake in Dubai. Even the Dubai Chief himself came to the scene to bless the couples. The event was organized by Hala China.

Nine couples completed an important ceremony in Dubai in the heart of Lake Aixin, witnessed by hundreds of relatives, friends and Chinese friends. [P.S. Among them, two couples from Dubai Media Company attended the wedding.

In addition to the congratulations of the chief of Dubai, Prince Sheikh Majid Almura was also present to celebrate the occasion and gave each couple a personal autobiography signed by the chief as a wedding gift.

Prince Sheikh Majid Almura

Love Lake is a symbol of love and tolerance directed by the chief of Dubai. Two huge lakes form an interwoven love, which is evident in aerial photography. Even the trees in the middle of the lake are in the shape of love. Now it’s a brand new place to punch in Dubai and a dating destination for couples. The collective wedding ceremony of Chinese people in Aixinhu Lake can never be more appropriate.

Love Lakes

Love Lakes Central Heights, Wedding Site Preparations

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