The three most popular colors for Haute Couture in 2019

When it comes to wedding dress, you first think of is a white wedding dress, that’s right, wedding dress is always white, because this idea has been a matter of time, in fact, however, times are changing, the popular trend is also changing, current wedding dresses, have not been limited to the white, so which are the most popular colors for the bride dresses in the spring of 2019?let’s talk about it

1.Fusion corals
Fusion corals, it looks more like the flamingo’s color, this creamy hue is warmer and less harsh than the highly saturated orange. In our latest series, our designer combined this color with gradients which give us a golden tone and soft feeling, showing the warmth and vitality of nature. Also, we can see the brand shows in 2019 which are also all about coral, with GUCCI and Poiret showing off coral fairy dresses.
This color is especially suitable for wearing in spring and summer wedding which is for lightsome and vigorous collocation! so coral is definitely a good choice, recommended for an outdoor wedding or some traveling wedding.

2.Moss green
Moss green is a complex color, when combined with pink peacocks, carnival, Fiesta or princess will become an intriguing one. However, if you add some bling stuff on the dress like sequins, it will be as bright green. This color is also called Green fashion — from our designer’s environmental standpoint — is a way of life. Because when you see these colors, you may associate them with nature which will give you some fresh feelings.

3.Grey rosy pink
Pink is one of never outdated colors, and Grey rosy pink will be nobler than the common one, we take advantage of the soft of the tulle to make this color more comfortable and charming, showing your lovely, and elegant beauty. Also, it will have another effect with satin, weak champagne is revealed in ash pink color, having stronger visual appeal, and giving a sense of luxury.

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