2019 jusere website 2.0 version is coming

Maybe you will find that Jusere’s website has not been updated for a period of time. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten to update our website, but we feel that our website has a lot to improve. In the past 2-3 months, we have been thinking about how to make our customer experience of Jusere’s website better. You will see what you want more easily. We’ve talked about it for a long time, and we’ve done a lot of templates to test the results. Just recently you’ll see our new website www.jusere.com.

Today I’m going to introduce some improvements to Jusere 2.0 version.

1. You will see more real scenes including our showrooms, factories, designers. We will give you a real us. What you see is what we can provide.

2. We will update our product page regularly, and you can see the latest design in the first place.

3. Whether you’re a designer, retailer, renter, e-commerce or bride, we’ll give you a complete and detailed solution. You can find all the answers you want on our website.

Want to know more about our website? Come and click on our website: www.jusere.com, or pay attention to our social media and get to know the latest developments of jusere for the first time.