Why are some wedding dresses suitable for brides of all shapes?

Most wedding dresses are only suitable for people of specific stature, but there are also individual wedding dresses that can be suitable for brides of various statures. Such wedding dresses are often more popular with most brides. Why? Today we will introduce the design concept of this wedding dress.

First of all, let’s look at Jusere’s wedding dress, which is a typical wedding dress for brides of all sizes.
The breast-wiping design can satisfy the need of a sexy bride, while the shoulder design can cover up the bride with slightly fat upper arms. The long sleeve is the best choice not to let the slightly thick arms be seen. The satin fabric gives people a pure and solemn feeling. It is very suitable for the occasion of wedding. The high waist design can show the bride’s good figure and moderate tail-dragging. That is to say, it is sacred, holy and full of ritual sense, but it will not affect the bride’s action.

Designers are very smart to combine these elements into a wedding dress, and make him look very natural, which reflects the ability of designers, because not all designers can effectively combine these elements together, it is necessary to have long-term design experience, as well as designers who have designed enough wedding dresses to be able to combine these elements properly. To the advantage.

Next, let’s take a look at more try-on photos of this wedding dress.

After reading these photos, is there an impulse to buy a wedding dress like this?
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