How to choose the style of wedding dress according to body temperament?

When a beautiful bride is undoubtedly the dream of all girls, and want to envy people at the wedding, dazzling, the premise is to have a perfect wedding dress. Many brides-to-be find that the perfect wedding dress on the model is really beautiful, but the dress on themselves is quite sad!
It’s not your bad figure, but because you can’t pick clothes.
Next, we will teach you how to make and choose the style of wedding dress according to your body shape, so as to ensure that every bride-to-be can find the perfect wedding dress for herself!

Wedding Dress Style: Deep V
Recommended Reasons: Slim Face, Highlight Neck Line
When the deep V wedding dress makes the crisp breast appear, the ordinary design becomes the focus of attention.
BUT~Deep V’s greatest role is not to attract eyes, but to a large extent to lengthen the lines of the face, so that your small round face in the overall visual effect, it seems more slender oh.
If you are a short-necked bride, consider wearing a deep V-style wedding dress, modifying the neck and upper body to become slim.
If you suspect that your neck is too long, you should avoid wearing clothes with deep necks, such as U-collar and deep V-collar, which will make you look too thin. The collar is wide enough to make the neck look slender.
Under the beautiful headdress embellishment, the face also appears much smaller, the overall dress is full of elegant, romantic atmosphere.

Wedding Dress Style: Sleeve Wedding Dress
Recommended Reasons: Repairing Arm Lines
If your arms are shorter or thicker, don’t consider brassieres or heart-shaped collars. But don’t be discouraged, because the sleeve wedding dress can make you elegant and charming!
Seven-minute sleeves reveal a relatively thin wrist, greatly modifying the lines of your hand, the focus is to show thin!
If you have butterfly sleeve symptoms in your arm, you can also consider wearing such a wedding dress style.
These two gods coincide with each other’s names, which proves that “one thing falls one thing”!
The wedding dress with sleeves is more formal and conservative than other wedding dresses. Although not exposed, but also full of elegant female charm, especially suitable for a retro wedding.

Wedding Dress Style: Shawl Wedding Dress
Recommended Reasons: Repair back/shoulder/arm lines
Fan Bingbing once reported that his arms were thicker, so he usually wore sleeved clothes. A slightly more attentive audience will also find that Fan Bingbing, Queen of the Red Carpet, especially likes to wear a shawl style dress.
Shawl style clothes not only allow Fan Ye to cover up shortcomings, but also overbearing side leakage.
So, there are no perfect women in the world, only beautiful women who can wear clothes!
Would you like a Queen of the same kind? Consider RALPH & RUSSO high-set dress for spring and summer 2016. This season’s RALPH & RUSSO 2016 also continues its usual dominance of the queen but has added some flexible elements to it: elegant pink, flower elements, and some bubble designs.
These styles are quite meat-shielding, the gospel of fat people! If you don’t want to take the tyrannical queen line, you can choose BERTA short shawl style, sweet and fresh.

Wedding Dress Style: Short Skirt Wedding Dress
Recommended reason: Leg stretching
The length of the skirt is mostly between the knee or the middle of the thigh. If you are worried about your height, you can choose the A-shaped skirt with a higher waistline and a shorter length.
When you wear high heels, your altitude will rise in a straight line with your elongated legs.
Deep V skirt is sexy and attractive. Short skirt with sleeves is elegant and sweet. In short, no matter what kind of style of detailed design, according to their own actual situation is the most appropriate, but also the most beautiful!
Facial circle chooses deep V, hand fat chooses long sleeve, face round hand fat still leg thick words choose long sleeve deep V short skirt… Right! That’s what it’s like. Smart people should be able to get!

Wedding Dress Style: Architectural Wedding Dress
Recommended Reasons: Slender and Higher
Mingming did not add other complex patterns, nor shiny decorative ornaments, but the structural wedding dress has become the most stylish dress, handsome, simple and generous, not only has excellent self-cultivation effect but also more in line with modern women’s elegant and independent personality!
Rigid wedding dress material encounter full of three-dimensional cutting, to a large extent, wrapped up your excess fat, enhance the body lines, so that you appear more spiritual, more temperament.

Wedding Dress Style: Trousers Wedding Dress
Recommended Reasons: Modifying Leg Lines
The trousers wedding dress can largely cover up the meat, or even wrap the whole meat that frightens you. Even if the legs are thick and the legs are not straight, they can be improved by trousers wedding dress.
If you are not very tall, you can choose high waist style trousers, and then push on high heels, the altitude index will hesitate to rise!
Trousers wedding dress cut neatly and concisely, highlighting modern women’s neat, independent temperament.
If the smooth material is too neutral and tyrannical, Xiaoqing bride can choose trousers wedding dress with thin yarn and lace material.
You have to believe that there are no ugly women in the world, only beautiful women who can dress! Choose the best wedding dress for you and marry the one you love most!