Wedding dream in girl’s heart

An innocent girl, whether she’s wearing a vest or a shoulder cuff, whether she’s wearing a dress or a pair of trousers, will be beautiful, that is, she’s wearing patched clothes, like she can’t hide the beauty of her blooming life. The so-called angel is the kind of girl whose eyes are as clear as a spring and whose face is as clear as blue. When a girl is an angel, her laughter is so clear, her heart is so sacred.

But one day, the angelic girl began to stop satisfying herself with her beautiful dress, and even forgot the dress she loved so much, and a new dream began to sprout in her heart. Once the dream began to wake up, no matter how many beautiful clothes she had, she could not shake off the sadness in her heart. Once upon a time, a girl wore beautiful clothes to show her beauty — the beauty of life. But when the dream began to wake up in the girl’s heart, it seemed that the girl was dressed not just to show the beauty of life, but for an uncertain object. From this time on, the girl began to germinate in the heart and yearn for the most shocking human feelings – love!

When a girl is in love, you can see that she is always trying on clothes in front of the mirror, changing patterns to create a variety of ingenious matching, men can not help but be moved by this, but also deeply understand what is called “women for their own face”. And girls may feel that they are not perfect in any way. In fact, in the girl’s subconscious, she should be weaving a perfect wedding dress.

I’ve been a groomsman a couple of times, and what I’ve learned most is that on the day of marriage, the groom doesn’t seem to be very happy, or that the groom always has a heavy heart. He’s thinking a lot about things like etiquette and so on. Happiness doesn’t seem so pure. But the bride in her wedding dress was so happy that even her smile was exaggerated and unnatural. You can feel the indescribable joy and happiness inside the bride. A friend once said, “A woman must wear a white wedding dress once in her life and take a beautiful picture of it. A wedding dress is full of yearning for future life. A wedding photo, in addition to wanting to retain her beauty, wants to prove that she has chosen the right one. Those who are around you are worthy of trust and trust. I will no longer belong to myself alone, and I will have more responsibilities and responsibilities. That thin wedding dress carries many of our dreams and hopes. “Another friend said,” the wedding dress is a dream in every woman’s heart! ”

A friend who has been married for ten years says, “love is like a full moon in the night sky. Let your lover live quietly in your heart! It doesn’t matter how beautiful the wedding dress is! I’ve been married to him for 10 years, and my biggest feeling is that there’s nothing like marrying a good husband. A good husband is his most beautiful wedding dress. How realistic and beautiful the feeling of this friend is! Indeed, if a woman can find a good husband in her life, it is the most perfect wedding dress in her life!