Will you rent the wedding dresses or buy?

Rental wedding dress


Is the way most brides currently choose the most

It is also the most practical and convenient one.

Wedding dresses may have more than one wedding dress

Yarn, Welcome Yarn, Ceremony Yarn, Toast Serving, etc.

When you buy it, you don’t use it when you’re done.

Leasing can meet this demand


It is possible to rent a wedding dress for several brides

Experienced weddings for people of all kinds

Some brides do not want to wear wedding dresses that others pass through.

And the dimensions don’t fit perfectly

For a particularly thin or special bride

You may need to try on lots of money to find a fit wedding dress

But the style is not necessarily your own favorite


Custom wedding dress


Many people hear the custom response is expensive

But you don’t overlook the effect that customization can bring more than just one.



  • Tailored to your body

Customization must be a custom build for a customer

And it’s not customary to change a little

Everyone is a unique individual

So the characteristics of each bride’s figure are completely different from the dimensions.

Customization will ensure that your wedding dress is designed based entirely on the basis of your stature.

  • Make your favorite details into the wedding dress

Customization is completely customized by the customer’s subjective

It’s not simple to try on a sample

Then do a piece of your size and call it custom

You can choose the part or details of this sample to change for your preference

  • This is a wedding dress that completely belongs to you. No second person will wear it.

Can not say that after the wedding is useless, if in the future with her husband to travel abroad want to bring a wedding photo shoot a commemorative photo, if you want to spend more time and time to rent a wedding to go, then might as well bring your own custom wedding dress, Meaningful and convenient.

Some brides said that they were married, but the original wedding dress was rented, and now they want to customize a dress that belongs to her only. You can take a couple of photos with your husband when you travel abroad.

Or I would like to take a photo in a wedding dress on each wedding anniversary. This is also very memorable.

  • Customize a unique color yarn

In recent years, more and more stars have chosen color yarn as a wedding dress.

Colorful yarns are beginning to take off

More and more brides want to wear a special color yarn at the wedding

In a typical wedding rental store, white yarn is the main source, and it is difficult to rent a colorful yarn.

Choose custom to meet the wishes of some brides wearing colored yarn

In terms of value, leasing is not much different from customization.

Rent two pieces of money can completely customize a wedding dress belonging to you



When weddings are used up, they need to be collected separately.

Care is troublesome

Custom cycle is generally longer, 1-3 months is at least

Slightly expensive on the price is also a feature of custom wedding dress