JUSERE Fashion Week | One-stop, beautifully crafted “Star Fan”

In the soon-to-be-released custom-designed Zhu Guanghuan 2018A/W Xingfaner custom special series, the designer will interweave and collide beautiful Chinese pearl embroidery with feathers, tassels and other elements, and use creative ideas to reach the universe stars in everyone hearts. Let every woman shine like a star at an important moment in her life.

In the early days of his creation, designer Zhu Guangyi studied lace, bead materials, feathers and other materials at home and abroad, and strived to present unique features in the details. In the end, these carefully selected materials have been crafted with ingenuity, and they have been given a new meaning and become the most attractive expression of the “Star Fan” series.

Paranoia to detail is a preference for quality. Handwork has always been the most delicate expression of Zhu Guangshen’s heart. In this series, she broke the texture of the fabric and created a new texture through complicated crafts. She debuted her star range child .

As the designer puts it, everyone is like a unique star. She uses the unique brand original power to lead everyone to live their own¬† star range¬† and let everyone wear their own style of temperament. “Be Yourself” style!

On March 31st, let us walk into the creative world of designer Zhu Guangkai to see these gorgeous details. How to use a thread and a thread to make a sketch from a subtle place and sparkle into a gorgeous “Star Fan”…