Will you rent the wedding dresses or buy?

Rental wedding dress


Is the way most brides currently choose the most

It is also the most practical and convenient one.

Wedding dresses may have more than one wedding dress

Yarn, Welcome Yarn, Ceremony Yarn, Toast Serving, etc.

When you buy it, you don’t use it when you’re done.

Leasing can meet this demand


It is possible to rent a wedding dress for several brides

Experienced weddings for people of all kinds

Some brides do not want to wear wedding dresses that others pass through.

And the dimensions don’t fit perfectly

For a particularly thin or special bride

You may need to try on lots of money to find a fit wedding dress

But the style is not necessarily your own favorite


Custom wedding dress


Many people hear the custom response is expensive

But you don’t overlook the effect that customization can bring more than just one.



  • Tailored to your body

Customization must be a custom build for a customer

And it’s not customary to change a little

Everyone is a unique individual

So the characteristics of each bride’s figure are completely different from the dimensions.

Customization will ensure that your wedding dress is designed based entirely on the basis of your stature.

  • Make your favorite details into the wedding dress

Customization is completely customized by the customer’s subjective

It’s not simple to try on a sample

Then do a piece of your size and call it custom

You can choose the part or details of this sample to change for your preference

  • This is a wedding dress that completely belongs to you. No second person will wear it.

Can not say that after the wedding is useless, if in the future with her husband to travel abroad want to bring a wedding photo shoot a commemorative photo, if you want to spend more time and time to rent a wedding to go, then might as well bring your own custom wedding dress, Meaningful and convenient.

Some brides said that they were married, but the original wedding dress was rented, and now they want to customize a dress that belongs to her only. You can take a couple of photos with your husband when you travel abroad.

Or I would like to take a photo in a wedding dress on each wedding anniversary. This is also very memorable.

  • Customize a unique color yarn

In recent years, more and more stars have chosen color yarn as a wedding dress.

Colorful yarns are beginning to take off

More and more brides want to wear a special color yarn at the wedding

In a typical wedding rental store, white yarn is the main source, and it is difficult to rent a colorful yarn.

Choose custom to meet the wishes of some brides wearing colored yarn

In terms of value, leasing is not much different from customization.

Rent two pieces of money can completely customize a wedding dress belonging to you



When weddings are used up, they need to be collected separately.

Care is troublesome

Custom cycle is generally longer, 1-3 months is at least

Slightly expensive on the price is also a feature of custom wedding dress

Why do brides place such a high priority on having a great wedding dress?

Girls were such free and lively girls before they were married. After this, it will become the main theme of another person’s life. There is no freedom in the past, and more is paid for this home.

Modern weddings are indispensable for a gorgeous wedding dress. Many brides-to-be are also very meticulous about the selection of wedding dresses.

The significance of a wedding dress is not only a beautiful dress,

Since it appeared more than 2,000 years ago,

It has been given too much holiness and blessings.

The legend of the wedding dress is also beautiful and sighing.

White yarn made the most beautiful moment for every girl.

It seems to have a powerful magic

Shocks the softest corner of everyone’s heart.

So in the fantasy of the wedding,

Every girl expects a unique marriage.

The constant white yarn carries not only your beautiful dreams, but also the vision of the future and the deep knowledge of the past.

At the same time, the woman wears a white gauze in her life. The most beautiful girl is none other than the bride.

Girl, please be beautiful. Good life is wonderful because of you.

10 Standards for Quality wedding dress Suppliers

First of all, we must know the 10 standards of high-quality suppliers, and then according to the standard to measure whether their newly added suppliers meet the standards, the suppliers just found no good or bad distinction. It is unrealistic to judge whether it is good or bad when you first come into contact with one person:

  1. Value + cost savings — The main motivation for buying a new technology or outsourcing service is to reduce costs. Therefore, whether or not the cost can be reduced is the most important, but the most important thing is the financial data of those indicators based on sales, such as sales growth or output, which reflects the ultimate value.
  2. Reliability — Today’s customers are increasingly demanding service standards. Therefore, in a sense, new technology or service providers must provide absolute high-value, which is no bargaining in the eyes of buyers. Room.
  3. Excellent quality — this is the minimum for a good supplier. In fact,Excellent suppliers often can actively exceed the customer’s requirements for it, in other words, the pursuit of excellence is a new feature of modern high-quality suppliers.
  4. Expertise and knowledge — Manufacturers and retailers increasingly demand that their IT or logistics providers provide services that are more industry or market specific. Suppliers with expertise in these professional capabilities will be very popular with customers and even be regarded as consultants.
  5. Problem-solving capabilities — Unpredictable problems and risks are objectively present in any supply chain. Therefore, whether suppliers are willing and able to resolve emergencies becomes an important measure. The ability to quickly resolve emergencies and flexibility is a bonus to the supplier.
  6. Continuous Improvement — Many companies want to be able to see the supplier’s product development plan to confirm that the supplier can continue to meet their development needs, which is especially important for wedding dress suppliers.
  7. Support — The scale of many companies is shrinking as they work more closely with suppliers, which means they rely more on suppliers for implementation, training, technical maintenance or related services. Providing full support has become as important as the technology or service itself.
  8. Culture — There is no doubt that customers are more willing to cooperate with suppliers with a healthy corporate culture and proactive attitude. Those suppliers who take customer interests as their priority and strive to achieve their goals and strive for excellence are particularly favored.
  9. Global – Since the supply chain already has global attributes, almost all companies are looking for technologies and services that allow them to engage and trade with trading partners around the world. Modern quality suppliers must keep up with this trend.
  10. Perfect Service — Perfect service is indispensable to good suppliers. Especially for third-party logistics (3PLs) and other logistics areas, suppliers who can provide high-quality full-service are very competitive. trend.

The above 10 standards are the most basic and important considerations for the selection of high-quality suppliers. The following five items are common characteristics of quality suppliers and are also worthy of procurement attention.

  1. Meet the requirements of laws and regulations — More and more industries are regulated by government laws and regulations, and these are increasingly complicated. Small mistakes can lead to large fines and even legal proceedings. As a result, there will be more demand for technologies or services that can handle issues such as security issues, trade regulations, labor disputes, and legal matters.
  2. Transparency — Nowadays, companies are not satisfied with the timely understanding of transportation, inventory, and order processing. They need to constantly obtain information from upstream suppliers and downstream customers in the supply chain.
  3. Integration Capabilities — For supply chain technology, it is important to be able to quickly and smoothly integrate with other systems. For example, third-party logistics, the requirement to integrate the supplier’s service to make it compatible with the partner’s system is constantly growing.
  4. Procedural — A high-quality supplier can help customer companies integrate best practices and efficient operational procedures into the company’s business modules.
  5. Growth — Quality suppliers themselves are a growing company that can follow the pace of development of their client companies and markets. Strong multinational companies are willing to form alliances with such suppliers.

Notice! Four minefields for wedding dress selection

The types of wedding dresses are very complicated. According to the materials, wedding dresses can have all kinds of silk, homemade satin, taffeta, crystal yarn, organza, and chiffon; in terms of printing, wedding dresses can have flowers and totems. Regular geometric patterns, etc.; according to the style of view, there is a wedding dress, braces, collar, fish tail and so on. The wedding dress chosen on the wedding day must be extra careful. Although your love is important, it must be suitable for you. Here are some common minefields. Be sure to pay attention to it.

Minefield 1: Shoulder-width girl please consciously avoid the word collar!

In recent years, whether it is the clothes we wear everyday or wedding dresses worn by the bridesmaids, the word collar is definitely a hot style. It has many advantages: it just displays the beautiful shoulders and reveals the feminine clavicle. Come out, sexy without losing the fashion. It is very eye-catching. However, if your shoulder is too generous, the word will visually lengthen your shoulder width, to some extent, to expose or even increase your imperfections, so, although the word collar, the shoulder line is not perfect Please be careful.

Tip: A bride with a wide shoulder can consider a wedding dress with a sleeve to cover the shoulder line and visually allow the shoulders and arms to be integrated into one body, avoiding excessive shoulder width.

Minefield 2: The bride with short neck please consciously avoid standing collar!

Standing collar wedding dress with a unique retro feeling, in the style biased towards dignified and elegant. This is why many people fall in love. However, the Standing Collation will visually cut the neck into two parts. For those whose necks are not long enough, naturally the bride becomes a minefield. Yes, it will make your own beautiful neck even shorter. What’s more frightening is that It will lower your temperament and make you taller.

Tip: The bride with a short neck may wish to choose a v-neck design wedding dress, stretch the neck line, of course, if you are bold enough, prefer sexy deep V, bold choice! Anyway, that day you are the protagonist.

Minefield 3: The bride with legs not charming enough to consciously avoid the skirt wedding!

Do you still remember the classic scene of the heroine wearing a skirt wedding dress in “Full House”? Yes, the design of the skirt above the knee will make you long and straight legs to make your eyes, and with a pair of just right high heels, it will make your whole person look slim. However, if your legs are not as good as they should be, the style of the skirt will only expose you more.

Tip: The bride who is not satisfied with her legs is better to consider the skirt design of classic pettiskirt style. The princess dress skirt is full of dreamy and fairy-tale colors. At the same time, it can cover your legs subtly. Highlight your waist.

Minefield 4: The bride is not slender enough to consciously avoid the satin slim style wedding dress!

The satin’s drape is very good. It can embody the woman’s softness and elegance to the greatest extent. It is a favorite material for many people. However, if the bride’s body shape is not slender enough, then the satin is very easy because of its soft qualities. The shortcomings of the body will be exposed, too rich or too thin bride must carefully choose this material wedding oh.

Tip: brides with less than perfect figures may wish to turn their attention to the more fluffy wedding material: organza, chiffon, lace, etc. These relatively fluffy materials hide the imperfections of the bride’s body and are romantic in appearance. Lively features.

17 Tips for your wedding dress business

Have you noticed that when we have any type of sport the winners always thank their coach? After the event the competitors carry on training with help and advice from their coach to become even more successful, for example, you can have a coach (consultant) for your business helping you train to enter the race or event you are planning, then you can consider a coach (consultant) to help you when you are established making sure you keep up your training and have all the knowledge and facts you need for success. A successful business is reliant on what you yourself put into it in the form of training, information, knowledge about the industry you are taking part in

Jusere are not only provide dress making service but also provide suggestions to help you Starting up or enhance your wedding dress business,below is some of our advises.

  • Thinking of going into business, always seek professional, expert advice within the sector you wish to trade 
    We offer our clients a wealth of experience gained over many years within the wedding dress industry. Once a client has attended a consultancy day, I offer up to three months ongoing support for any additional questions or research at no extra cost to make starting a wedding dress business as successful as possible
  • Costs of setting up the business
    An essential part of setting up a business is being aware of costs. Many clients are unaware of the true costs involved and the project could risk being underfunded. Once realistic annual costs are established, we can now set sales targets to meet overheads and prepare to make profits.
  • Business or personal loan, whether you’re a new start up business or have an existing business wanting to inject capital to expand 
    At your consultation, I will prepare your realistic set-up costs, overheads, credit/debit card costings, staff, dress samples purchases and advertising for the trading year. We will discuss all aspects of your business, including commercial premises, so that you feel prepared to make an appointment with the bank. If you are to invest a percentage of your own capital and need a bank loan to meet the total investment (for example, fifty percent of funding from the bank), you will need a clear and realistic business plan. Figures can be taken from the results of our initial strategy meeting. The bank will want to know how you intend to meet the costs of the loan and run the business and how you will achieve sales targets. I will help you prepare so that your meeting goes as smoothly as possible. For businesses needing a loan to expand, you will need to present a solid case (implementing all the above). Make a presentation folder with all the research and information we have covered at your consultation. The fact you have an industry consultant offering professional help and ongoing support may also help your case, keep to facts and figures.
  • Commercial premises 
    To rent premises and keep costs to a minimum, look for a position with good footfall, passing trade, ensure there is easy parking. Look at other retailers nearby, beauticians, hairdressers, fashion, jewelry shops, nice cafes. We will discuss length of lease, break clauses, how to negotiate rent and deposits and get the best deal for you. The premises need to be a reasonable size but not too big that you can’t handle the size of the shop without having to employ too many staff.
  • Solicitor
    Before appointing a solicitor, check the lease yourself for any obvious items that could be removed before handing it to them to keep costs down. You should also negotiate a fixed fee with your solicitor for checking and amending a lease.
  • Credit/Debit card services
    If you are a new business, you will need to offer credit-debit card services, if you are established the fees may be taking a large chunk of your profits if you are paying too much, we will supply you with a comparison template to ask questions and compare charges. There are so many hidden costs you may not find them alone.
  • Employment/staff 
    New business owners and some established businesses believe they can go it alone, working 24/7. It is not recommended you try to operate the business single-handedly, you cannot concentrate on the bride in your showroom and potential brides if you’re not answering the phone, or the door is locked! Your priority is the next customer, employing the appropriate number of employees to help your business run smoothly, with minimal outlay could increase your sales potential.
  • Staff training 
    This area should be considered seriously for new wedding dress businesses or established businesses. Training is available to show your staff how to prepare a bride, fitting her into a dress not always her size, putting her hair up, fitting a headpiece and veil, a pair of shoes. you need to upsell. Staff will also need to know how to effectively close a sale, remember you have sales targets to meet, all covered at your consultation.
  • Selecting your suppliers 
    I will show you how to decide on the best designer collections and price points, making sure you are not replicating your competition. You need to consider your target market, pricing, styles, sizes, I will provide you with templates to help you make informed decisions.
  • Purchasing dress samples and accessories 
    How will you know what your wedding dress retail price should be to cover your overheads and make a profit? During the consultation, I will take you through this important process. Perhaps you think you should sell three dresses a week: is that three dresses at £600 each or three dresses at £1500? You need to reach your sales targets on a regular basis therefore it is not about how many dresses you sell, but actual cash flow. I will guide you through the complex process of selecting designers, appropriate price brackets for your specific business to help meet your sales targets.
  • Target your customer 
    Brides today are generally in their late twenties to early thirties, have a good income and will be looking for quality and service if buying from a retail outlet. They expect to be offered current designs by popular, well-known designers and will be prepared to pay for the right product at the right price. Other brides may look for more inexpensive dresses from department stores, on the internet or discontinued samples. These brides are not your target market so make sure you offer specifically what the designer bride is looking for.
  • Brides need to buy with confidence 
    Our members can offer brides £1,000 free wedding dress attire insurance plus a 60% reduction for additional insurance when purchasing their wedding dress attire giving them confidence when placing orders and having to pay a substantial deposit.
  • Sales targets 
    All businesses have sales targets, not just set so companies can make millions, but to cover overhead costs and make profits. You can’t just pluck a figure from the air; you need to run your business profitably and not fall into the trap of deciding not to take a wage for many months, perhaps even years. So how can you achieve these targets successfully? At the consultation, I offer realistic advice.
  • Dressmakers/seamstress 
    There are many risks involved if you don’t get it right, do you employ the dressmaker? Use an independent dress maker that visits your premises for fittings? Send the bride directly to the dress maker? All these options need lots of thought. The bride will want the best service available so I will cover all the possible situations and real problems that could arise, you can then make an informed decision.
  • Sales contract agreement 
    My terms and conditions have evolved over the years. It is essential that a bride knows and understands she is entering a contract with you. The contract will need to protect the bride and you the retailers. If you do not have an appropriate contract in place, all sorts of issues can occur, especially if a bride wants to cancel her order or wants to change the size of her dress after it has been ordered. A signed contract helps to avoid any possible discrepancies later.
  • Advertising 
    There is a lot of buzz around social media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram advertising, web sites on-line advertising also advertising in national wedding dress magazines, for exposure and brand awareness is an essential part of most businesses operations. Always stay within the allocated advertising budget we give you.
  • Exhibitions 
    Make diary dates of all the trade exhibitions to avoid double booking. It is crucial that you attend trade exhibitions (for at least two days if possible) to support your suppliers and keep up with current trends. I can show you simple ways of how to keep stock books listing purchases and sales of each supplier to enable you to buy wisely. If you develop a good working relationship with your suppliers, there is a greater chance that you will create a successful business.

For an informal conversation about your new or existing business, additional information please contact:

Eric Chiu
JUSERE Wedding and Evening Dress CO., LTD
Email: Ericchiu@jusere.com

How to Start a bridal gown Business

Thinking about opening a bridal gown retail business? We tell you what you need to know to get started.


  1. Research your market. Discount wedding dresses will not be in great demand in a highly affluent area, for example. On the other hand, if your area is already saturated with expensive boutique wedding dress businesses, try angling for a niche for example, offering gowns made from earth-friendly materials using sustainable practices, or offering only gowns imported from Europe.
  2. Choose a location. You want to start your wedding dress business in a bustling commercial area near other shops, restaurants and retail stores, according to the online article, Starting a Bridal Shop Business.Expect to pay steeper rents for shopping mall locations in exchange for high visibility. Because wedding dresses can be voluminous, plan for plenty of room to store and showcase gowns. Fit your location with flattering lighting, large dressing rooms, floor-length mirrors and comfortable seating for the bride entourage.
  3. Stock your inventory. Attend fashion shows to decide what types of wedding dresses your stock for the business, ordering from the designer or manufacturer directly to save costs. You can also order from online suppliers and wholesale bridal catalogues.
  4. Market your business. Target potential consumers by reading the newspaper engagement notices and sending congratulatory notes when possible. Reserve tables at bridal expos and bring your most attractive dresses, or develop niche offerings, such as preserving wedding dresses for storage, that competitors don’t yet offer.

For an informal conversation about your new or existing business, additional information please contact:

Eric Chiu
JUSERE Wedding and Evening Dress CO., LTD
Email: Ericchiu@jusere.com

JUSERE Fashion Week | One-stop, beautifully crafted “Star Fan”

In the soon-to-be-released custom-designed Zhu Guanghuan 2018A/W Xingfaner custom special series, the designer will interweave and collide beautiful Chinese pearl embroidery with feathers, tassels and other elements, and use creative ideas to reach the universe stars in everyone hearts. Let every woman shine like a star at an important moment in her life.

In the early days of his creation, designer Zhu Guangyi studied lace, bead materials, feathers and other materials at home and abroad, and strived to present unique features in the details. In the end, these carefully selected materials have been crafted with ingenuity, and they have been given a new meaning and become the most attractive expression of the “Star Fan” series.

Paranoia to detail is a preference for quality. Handwork has always been the most delicate expression of Zhu Guangshen’s heart. In this series, she broke the texture of the fabric and created a new texture through complicated crafts. She debuted her star range child .

As the designer puts it, everyone is like a unique star. She uses the unique brand original power to lead everyone to live their own  star range  and let everyone wear their own style of temperament. “Be Yourself” style!

On March 31st, let us walk into the creative world of designer Zhu Guangkai to see these gorgeous details. How to use a thread and a thread to make a sketch from a subtle place and sparkle into a gorgeous “Star Fan”…

5 Tricks for Purchasing wedding dress

Leading 5 Tricks for Purchasing wedding dress

A difficult job lay ahead as there are a number of functions that have to be put in location while the preparation gets done. The choice of wedding event clothing end up being similarly crucial, and with these leading 5 tricks for picking wedding dress made by a good quality wedding dress manufacturer, you can have abundant and stylish appearances throughout the wedding by choosing the very best dress.

Wedding event is a satisfying and pleased time, and  wedding event is commemorated with much excitement as the unique wedding dress likewise being available in to enliven the entire occasion. The couple remain in an ecstatic state and the households invest all their energies to allow a comprehensive preparation for the wedding.

Looking into to Discover the Suitable Dress

Prior to picking the dress, substantial investigating will need to be performed to discover all the dress types that remain in style. The bride-to-be can take the choice from lehengas, bridal dress, sharara, gharara and other dresses for the special day as the groom likewise has his reasonable option to make.

Likewise, when the investigating is done, the fashionable style, the current designs and the designer dresses emerges. With the large selection of option, the bride-to-be can select the very best dress forwedding event that fits her taste and makes her appearance beautiful throughout the wedding.

Picking the Color, Design Pattern and Bonus Work

It is likewise necessary for the bride-to-be to check out the different styles, patterns and colors associated with the dress for wedding event, as the many dress ranges can be found in numerous styles and patterns. The color of the wedding dress ought to match the skin tone of the bride-to-be, and the design and pattern of the dress must boost the beauty of the bride-to-be. The additional work done on the dresses, as that of stone work, pearl work and embroidery likewise have to be thought about to choose the most classy dress as that fits well for the wedding.

Your wedding dress


As the wedding event is a sophisticated event, the bride-to-be will need to choose dresses as that fulfill the requirements of the events like the mehndi nights, Walima and other events that cause the big day. The perfect dress that accepts conventional worth along with reveals western impacts can likewise be chosen from the numerous ranges of wedding dresses. The dress for the big day must likewise be chosen with care, as the bride-to-be ends up being the star of the function, and is considered with wonder throughout the wedding.

Where to Purchase?

To make the ideal option with regard to the bridal attire shops is another of the crucial element that has to be seen with issue. Though there are lots of bridal attire shops and designer outlets, the one that has terrific range as well as uses lots will be the very best source to choose as when it concerns dresses for wedding event.

Your spending plan

When you aspire to pick the perfect wedding dress made by a good quality wedding dress manufacturer at www.jusere.com, these leading 5 tricks for purchasing wedding dress pertains to your help, as you can make the very best option to look beautiful throughout the wedding.

The primary element that affects your purchasing choice occurs to be your budget plan. You’ll need to think about the ranges that fall well within your specified spending plan, and there are beautiful dress ranges that match your spending plans.