What Jusere will do in 2018

2018 is brand new year, Jusere Will not stop the pace of progress. below is our 2018 plan, Let’s see a good 2018 together.

An independent production line specially for customized orders will be built up by the end of March, which will contain 28 experienced workers. That production line will control most of the delivery time within 5-8 weeks ( luxuary dresses will be within three monthes).

Two experienced designers who are good at international styles and have a rich knowledge of customized order spec will join the above production line by the end of March. They will provide available solutions and make the whole process more fluently.

Three library will be established by the end of June, they are, material library, lace library and pattern library, and those three library will be shared with our regular customers in the futher.

1.Material library : to introduce BOM concept for our material department so that they can well manage the material inventory, and source needed material more easily and faster.

2.Lace library : to automatically and efficiently find out the needed laces by image recognition technology.

3.Pattern library : to reuse previous patterns to shorten production time at the very beginning.

Jusere is looking forward to collaboration with you in 2018