Tell you something you may not know about wedding dress business—-# Ep.2

If you search wedding dress in main online shopping platform like amazon,ebay,aliexpress you would find the average price of wedding dress is about 100$-200$

If you read our last article you will find it was a big gap from the average price of wedding dress in physical store.

What makes this huge gap?

today i will show you Why wedding dresses online is so cheap

  • mass produce

          online retailer often make a certain style hundreds even thousands pieces a time which was unbelievable in wedding dress business,but those style are very simple in most time. why do they do that?

          Because mass produce can buy all raw material one time and in a very low price, it can avoid raw material shortage problem which often happened in traditional wedding dress manufacturei??and the simple style will reduce the staff cost and time cost

  • cheap raw material

         For not exceed the cost line, online retailer always use the cheapest raw material,they have to promise their dress can make profit for them, So most of time they sacrificed the quality.

  • No design

          Design is a disadvantage for online retaileri??they don’t have a design team normallyi??and they do have money to raise a design team as well.So Copy famous brand’s dress become their best choice, it’s cheap and efficient, it can help them save a lot of money

  • poor quality 

          For the sake of cost, online retailer often choose small manufacture to make their dresses, it’s much cheaper than regular manufacture, but the quality can’t get guranteed

  • exaggerated publicity

          thanks to you can’t touch the dress online, so the image become the most important factor to judge the dress for consumer. So someone try their best to make their dress looks fabulous, or tell you they used expensive raw material which they never used.

          So pls be careful about the image

Tell you something you may not know about wedding dress business—-# Ep.1

According to data analysis the average price of wedding dresses in physical store is about 1200$-2000$,Why wedding dresses in physical store are so expensive?Does the dress really worth the price?

Today we will tell you something you may not know

Physical store’s pricing principle normally based on below factor

  • Factory price
  • Time cost
  • Stock cost
  • The Tax
  • Marketing cost
  • Depreciation cost
  • Logistic cost
  • Staff cost

So how much is a 1200$-2000$ wedding dress in physical store cost price? the answer is no more than 300$.

300$ is a wedding dress’s lifeline to both retail and the manufacture, under this price the quality can’t get guaranteedi??up the price the retailer will lose their profit.

and that’s the reason why the average price of wedding dress in physical store is 1200$-2000$

and it also explained another question-why most of wedding dress are made in china

on the one hand staff cost in Occident are very high, and wedding dress has lots of handwork,it almost impossible to control the cost in 300$ a dress, on the other hand the area which staff cost are cheap like India, Pakistani??the quality of their products are not satisfactorya��

Thereupon, china become their’s best choice.

But if you googled wedding dress made in china it will bump up articles like “Why You Shouldna��t Order Your Wedding Dress from China” and so on

Why is thati?Y let me explain later